Chihuahua Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

This little dog may be small in size, but is also big in personality. Chihuahua’s can grow up to an average height of 6 – 9 inches (Males & Females) and their average weight ranges from 2 – 6 pounds (Males & Females).

Known to be a great companion, the Chihuahua has a long, slightly curved tail that wags with natural cheerfulness. Its coat can come in two types, short and smooth or long and wavy. Coat colors can be Chestnut, Silver, White, Black, Sandy, Steel Blue, Tan or Sable.

Though they seem like toys, Chihuahuas are very adventurous, energetic, agile and proud. Their strong wills need strong leadership and gentle but firm training from puppyhood. They are not always easy to train but with firm handling, can prove to be great pets.

Do not underestimate this dogs’ personality, due to its toy size. Chihuahuas need as much physical and mental exercise and movement space as big dogs do. They are also loyal and can be good companions to little children. These dogs prefer warm environments and show a great dislike for cold temperatures.

Special Notes:

Chihuahuas tend to gain weight fast with lack of proper exercise. Small dogs can be easily poisoned and should be kept away from toxic foods such as chocolates.