Potty Training Your Puppy

It can be great for everyone on the day you
decide to introduce a new member to the household. What better way to expand
your family than with an adorable little Maltese, energetic bundle of
Pomeranian, or a snuggly baby Shih Tzu? With this wonderful addition to your
family comes a new level of responsibility when combining your world with
theirs. The best way to welcome your new puppy is being prepared to potty train
it immediately after bringing it home. Not only will this make sure your house
maintains your personal level of cleanliness standards, but also ensures your
new bundle of joy feels right at home.


Young animals require the same level of
understanding that can come with raising children. A harsh word for an accident
left on the rug can create a level of distrust you may not wish to inflict on
your new family member. Instead, make sure you are prepared to clean up messes
and know that it probably won’t be the last time you do it. Invest in some
chemicals or if you would rather not expose your precious pet to toxins, look
into all-natural remedies for pulling out smells and stains from the carpet.

the Essentials on Hand

Puppy training supplies may include plenty of
paper towels and spray bottles, but something that may become invaluable to
your household may also be implementing the use of absorbent potty pads. Placing a puppy pad in
an ideal location can be an effective means of teaching your fur baby where
they should go potty. Though you may want them to have them take their business
outside eventually, until they understand basic instructions, an indoor method
of relieving themselves can be beneficial to the training process.


Whether they are using a potty pad or being
taken outside, it is important to stay on top of the training. Even if it means
following a routine, such as immediately after getting up in the morning and
right before they go to bed, make sure your puppy knows that there is always an
option for using the bathroom that doesn’t include squatting on your bare
floor. Keeping this in mind can make potty training easy and relatively
stress-free for both you and your pet.

We pride ourselves on having an incredibly clean
facility with immaculate and frequent sanitation practices. Through maintenance
of temperature and humidity control, in addition to providing immediate
veterinary care to the animals as needed, we are confident that our puppies
will be in the optimal health. With excellent after-purchase care instructions
and happy babies just waiting to be adopted, stop
in and see if you can find the perfect addition to your family.