Welcome to Central Park Puppies FAQ page! Discover answers to common questions about our furry friends, adoption, care tips, and more. Whether new or experienced, we'll guide you in finding your perfect companion. Browse our FAQs for all you need to know about bringing home joy from Central Park Puppies!

Although we do not have a physical location where you can meet the puppy, we are able to provide additional videos and photos to help you decide on a puppy. We can also communicate with breeders to learn more about the personality traits of puppies you may be interested in or ask any questions about the puppy. However, please note that we do not place puppies on hold while waiting for a response from the breeder. After your purchase is complete, you have 3 options to receive your puppy:
1) Meet the breeder to pick up your puppy at a designated location.
2) Have your puppy safely delivered directly to your home through our secure ground transport service.
3) Have your puppy flown in-flight by a dedicated puppy chaperone at your nearest major airport to personally meet and hand off the puppy to you at the airport.

New York has enacted a law that prohibits pet stores from housing puppies for in-person viewing, requiring them to close by the end of 2024. Central Park Puppies operates online and is unaffected by this law. We anticipated this type of law would pass nearly a decade ago and began creating our online platform to provide our incredible services to families and individuals for the long haul. This ensured maintaining our service quality and customer guarantees indefinitely.

After purchasing, we can help make local pickup arrangements between you and the breeder at their location or a nearby public place, if you prefer, instead of our Home Delivery Service or the Airpanion Flight Nanny Service. Our privacy and security policy does not allow in-person breeder interactions until the puppy is purchased. This policy is in place for the safety of our breeders as we receive high web traffic and inquiries. However, we can request additional photos and videos from breeders and inquire about the personality traits of specific puppies you may be interested in to help decide on the right puppy for you. 

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and reviewed positively on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. You can verify our legitimacy through these platforms and our Instagram accounts (@centralpups and @centralparkpuppies), where we share content from satisfied customers. For further assurance, we are available for contact or live Zoom meetings.

We do not place puppies on hold or accept deposits for reservations. Puppies are sold on a first-come, first-served basis through our online portal. While we can request additional information from breeders, there is a chance that a puppy may be sold while awaiting a response.

We receive our puppies from researched breeders within the United States. Breeders within our network must have breeding conditions that are up to USDA standards or beyond, be in full compliance, and have zero violations throughout their entire breeding career. Breeders are screened before being accepted into our network. The screening process begins with a background check, where we look into public records and conduct online research due diligence. Next, we look into all USDA and state inspection records. For breeders to be accepted into our network, we require their records to be 100% clean with zero non-compliance notations. Once the background check has been cleared, a visual inspection is conducted by one of our photographers. The visual check is done to ensure the facility is clean and well-managed. The next steps include verification of the vet plan, where approval and signature are required by a USDA-licensed veterinarian to carry out necessary vaccinations and treatments. We do not work with any breeders who deny visual inspections. We provide a responsible breeder guarantee as we do not support puppy mills. As stated, in our guarantee- “We’ve performed an in-depth background check on your puppy’s breeder and guarantee their USDA and state inspection reports to be 100% clean up to the date of this puppy’s arrival, or we’ll initiate a money-back return.”

Each puppy is microchipped to ensure you receive the correct puppy.

We offer two delivery options: Premium Home Direct Delivery (available in all states except Hawaii) and Airpanion Airport Delivery. Home Delivery Service includes in-home delivery by trained personnel in climate-controlled vehicles, while our Airpanion Airport Delivery Service offers in-cabin flight delivery by a dedicated chaperone to a major airport near you. Both services include a health certificate for the puppy, and we manage all logistics from pick-up to drop-off.