Delivery Considerations

As you await the delivery of your new, furry family member, please review the following delivery considerations so you have an idea of what to expect:

  • Delivery date and time: An estimated delivery date and time will be communicated to our expecting families 24 hours before the delivery date. While our puppies are typically delivered between Saturday and Sunday, due to high demand, traffic and weather issues, it may be subject to change. Rest assured that our delivery caretakers work around the clock to ensure your puppy is delivered to you safely and as quickly as possible. Therefore, the delivery may fall between odd hours during the day and night, but we will keep you posted should anything change.
  • Delivery fee: Our puppy deliveries are free. Yes, that’s right… FREE! At no cost to you, we will safely deliver your new puppy to your home.
  • Delivery method: Our puppies are safely accompanied in sanitized, insulated and temperature-controlled ground transportation vehicles by Central Park Puppies’ USDA licensed partners. The shortest possible routes are taken as our goal is to reduce any potential anxiety, minimize confinement, and support the puppies’ overall well-being during travel.

With every delivery, the Central Park Puppies staff of trained and licensed caretakers thrive to nurture the health and well-being of our puppies, while keeping our families informed every step of the way!

For delivery inquiries, please contact us at (888) 670-4355.