Beagle Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

With natural instincts of the hunt, the Beagle is a tough little hound dog whose nature mixed with a sweet gentleness and sharp intelligence. This sturdy little dog grows up to an average height of 14 – 16 inches (Males) or 13 – 15 inches (Females). Their average weight ranges from 22 – 25 pounds (Males) to 20 – 23 pounds (Females).

The beagle can also be identified by its very distinct hunting bay. Its coat is naturally sleek off medium length and can come in any of the following coloring, which are Black and Tan, Orange and White, Blue tick and Red tick, Lemon and White or even in Triclour. This puppy has a short, high set tail that will wag continuously in happy greeting.

These dogs are brave, strong, sociable and highly intelligent with a lot of energy and natural curiosity. Due to their lineage, their hunting tendencies can make them act on instinct. Hence, it is important that they identify their owner as the pack leader to obey. Beagles require daily physical and mental exercise and socialization with other dogs.

Special Note

Due to these same hunting instincts, it is always wise to keep the puppy away from non-canine pets. It is best to give them a firm training as puppies as they require watchfulness and lots of patience. Once trained well, these adorable puppies will steal your heart with their loyalty and love.