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Beagles have been an active and popular breed for hundreds of years, making them one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. Historically bred for hunting prey such as rabbit, Beagles have also been used to track and hunt a range of diverse animals. While many Beagles are still used in hunting today, a majority of them enjoy life as a human companion.

Known to be family-friendly, Beagles are considered to be good with children and other household pets. These cheerful and affectionate pups prefer to be with the people that they love, which makes them loyal companions. Beagles are driven to please, so they make excellent house pets when properly trained.

Beagles can range in sizes from 13 to 15 inches tall and 18-20 pounds, sporting a muscular and solid build. With a predominately square muzzle and broad nose, they may be most recognized for their long and floppy ears. A Beagle’s coat is a smooth and dense short hair, typically colored white, tan and black. Their coats are easy to maintain and require little grooming, and shedding is a minimum with this breed.

Due to the size and personality of the Beagle, these dogs can live well in urban apartment settings as well as suburban neighborhoods. Their curious minds need active stimulation either through play, learning new tricks, or outdoor exercise. Exercise is important to the Beagle as it provides both the mental and the physical stimulation needed to keep the pup happy and healthy. A healthy Beagle can live 12-15 years, making them an excellent choice for a long term companion.

Brisk walks in the park or around city sidewalks can provide a Beagle with plenty of exercise and sources of sniffing. As they love to follow scents, this breed can wander away from home if not properly trained or leashed on walks. However, the Beagle is a smart breed and is easily trained to follow commands that can keep him or her safe and happy.

Capable of living in a variety of home and family structures, Beagles prove to be loyal companions who seem to never meet a stranger.


*           Beagles may bark but are friendly and happy family pets

*           Long floppy ears help with scent following

*           Likes to be with human companions or other pets

*           Easy care and upkeep

CHARACTERISTICS CHART (1 lowest- 5 highest)

Apartment Living                  4

Tolerates Being Alone        3

Child Friendly                       5

Dog Friendly                         5

Grooming Needs                  2

Shedding                              2

Size                                        2

General Health                     4

Trainability                            4

Prey Drive                             4

Barking                                  4

Exercise Needs                    4

Energy Level                         4

Playfulness                           4

Bringing home a happy and healthy Beagle puppy is of utmost importance to ensuring a positive experience. Central Park Puppies takes pride in providing clients with the highest quality of standards with our in-depth breeder background checks and expert veterinarian evaluations of all of our puppies. We are dedicated to working with clients in finding their perfect puppy match through our transparent services and expert knowledge of breeds.

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