English Bulldog

English Bulldog

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This heavy dog maybe intimidating in appearance, but is known for having the gentlest personality. The average height of an English Bulldog can be taken as 12 – 16 inches (Males & Females). Their average weight ranges from 53 – 55 pounds (Males) to 49 – 51 pounds (Females).

This loving pet has a smooth coat with a natural glossy shine to it. The color of the coat can vary from Brindle, Red, Piebald, Fawn, Fallow, White or Light Yellow. The English Bulldog can prove to be very dependable and contrary to its gentle nature, will make excellent guard dogs. Also known for their courage, this dog will chase of any intruders without second thought.

This breed is ideal for families with children as they require a lot of attention and loving. As puppies, the English Bulldog are very active and requires a lot of exercise. However, they tend to lose some of this energy as they grow older and will do well in small homes. Very much an indoor pet, they prefer moderate temperatures and have trouble in extreme weather conditions.

Special Note:

As lovable as these dogs are, they still tend to drool and slobber, while being messy with their food and snoring loud.