German Shepherd

German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd, is one of the most sort after breeds as pets and working dogs, due to their high intelligence and learning capabilities. They can grow up to an average height of 24 – 26 inches (Males) or 22 – 24 inches (Females). Their average weight can range from 77 – 85 pounds (Males & Females).

Being of a perfect build with a proportionate muscular structure, the GSD is athletic and strong. Through the years, the breed has been divided into three main types, identified by their coats. They are: the Long haired coat, the Double coat and the Plush Coat. The colors of the coat can vary from, Black, Blue and Liver, Sable, Tan or White.

The German Shepherd, is eager to learn and always on the lookout for a mental and physical challenge. They require a lot of exercise and firm training from puppyhood. Proper training with love and care, can help this puppy grow into an exceptionally faithful, obedient and loyal dog. Its natural protective instincts and above average intelligence, makes the GSD excellent for guarding, search and rescue and guide work.

Special Note:

The German Shepherd craves companionship and should never be left alone over long periods of time. Due to its high energy levels, it is preferable to have a medium size home with outside space for your pet to run around in.