Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

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This tough little pup makes a cheerful companion that is always on the go. The terrier’s average height can be taken as 10 – 15 inches (Males & Females) and their average weight as 14 – 18 pounds (Males & Females). Its coat is smooth and can mainly be seen in White with Black, Tan or Brown markings.

This joyful breed is easy to train and loves to perform all sorts of tricks to impress a crowd. With a spirited personality, this Terrier requires firm handling and needs to be trained in the rules from a young age. As strong as their devotion to the owner is, its natural hunting instincts can at times prove to be stronger. Hence, they should be kept away from smaller non-canine pets and should be well trained to heel before being let off the lead in public areas.

Being of a working dog breed, the Jack Russells do well with outdoor space where it can climb, jump, play and explore to its hearts content.

Special Note:

This breed is not recommended as first time pets for inexperienced owners. They need to recognize that their owner is a leader who is firm and constant at all times.