Mastiff Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

The Mastiff is a bundle of love that comes in a large size. Puppies of this breed can grow up to an average height of 30 inches (Males) or 27 inches (Females). Their average weight can be 160 – 200 pounds (Males) or 150 pounds (Females).

Along with its massive structure, the Mastiff has a powerful gait due to its well muscular limbs and a lovely smooth coat that comes in colors such as, apricot, tiger, silver, bridle, and golden or light fawn. The Mastiff has excellent character and its naturally patient and gentle nature makes it a great companion for children. More often, nicknamed as the “Gentle Giant”, this intelligent breed needs to be trained with a firm and patient hand. They are eager to please and respond well to the owner’s air of leadership. The Mastiffs inborn sense for danger also makes it a born guard dog.

Special Notes:

As with any breed, this puppy needs its daily exercise even though he may seem to disagree being rather lazy. Meals should be given in small sizes and portioned to three meals a day. Never give large meals. This breed also tends to snore and drool. The mastiff must be kept under leash when in public.