Pomeranian Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

The Pomeranian is one of the more popular small sized dogs that are sorted after as household pets. Their average height can be taken as 7 – 12 inches (Males & Females) and the average weight as 3 – 7 pounds (Males & Females).

This breed also grows a double coat which is soft, short and smooth under and rough on the outer. The coat is also thick and can be seen in different varieties of color, such as Black, White, Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Cream, Brindle, and Wolf Sable.

This intelligent puppy will grow up to be a wonderful companion full of a lively spirit and docile personality. It is intuitively inquisitive and always actively alert, which makes it a good watchdog. The Pomeranian requires a good and solid training from puppyhood as it has an independent nature and needs to be taught clearly that the owner is the leader. They will socialize well with non-canine pets and other dog breeds. The Pomeranian does well in small households and can be good companions for the elderly.

Special Notes:

This breed can develop dental problems and should be given dry dog food in regular intervals to keep their teeth healthy. The Pomeranians are vulnerable to hot weather and can get overheated easily.