Rottweiler Puppies for Sale – Central Park Puppies

The Rottweiler is easily recognized by its muscular built and immense structure coupled with a docked tail. Puppies from this breed can grow up to an average height of 24 – 27 inches (Males) or 22 – 25 inches (Females). Their average weight ranges from 95 – 130 pounds (Males) to 85 – 115 pounds (Females). A Rottweiler’s coat is thick and short, while in color it can vary from Black with rusty markings to Red with Brownish markings.

This extremely powerful dog has a very high sense of bravery and devotion when it comes to guarding the pack (family). Surprisingly even tempered, the Rottweiler has a calm nature and high level of intelligence. When trained well from puppyhood, this dog would make a great playmate for children as well as an excellent guard dog. Once it has been taught to socialize, the Rottweiler will get on well with non-canine pets and family friends.

Special Notes:

With strangers, this dog will always be alert and on guard, and close proximity to the family will only be allowed if the owner shows trust and welcome. It is very important that the Rottweiler is taught who has leadership in the household. Once the puppy realizes this it will be obedient and a delight to train. The Rottweiler also tends to overeat and snore when a sleep. Will not do well in kennels and prefers to always be with the family.