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best care for your puppy.

Resources on how to best care for your puppy.

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dog with an old person

10 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors: Finding the Perfect Companion for Your Golden Years

As we enter our golden years, companionship becomes increasingly important for maintaining a fulfilling and active lifestyle. For many seniors, adopting a furry friend can provide not only companionship but also a sense of purpose and joy. However, choosing the right

March 21, 2024

playing with a puppy

Celebrating National Puppy Day: Embracing the Joy of Puppyhood

National Puppy Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the unconditional love and boundless joy that puppies bring into our lives. It’s a time to honor our furry friends and promote responsible puppy ownership. Whether you’re a new puppy parent

March 21, 2024

Dog Breeds for Active Owners

The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Active Owners: Finding Your Perfect Canine Companion

For many dog owners, having a furry friend by their side is not just about companionship but also about sharing adventures and staying active. If you’re an active individual seeking a four-legged partner to join you on your outdoor excursions and

March 21, 2024

Puppies of New York

Dojali Is My Name But You Can Call Me Zoomy!

August 31, 2021

Minnie Lives Like a Queen

August 30, 2021

Luka’s Loving Ways

June 30, 2021

Meet “Master” Bruce

April 30, 2021