French Bulldog

French Bulldog

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While sharing the gentle nature of its English counterpart, the French Bulldog can also behave clownish and playful. This breed’s average height can be taken as 12 inches (Males & Females). Their weight is divided to two classes, from 19 – 22 pounds and 22 – 28 pounds (Males & Females).

The French Bulldog is a robust little dog with a smooth coat and muscular built. The colors of the coat can vary from Brindle, Grey, Fawn, Black, White and Cream with piebald, spotted or brindle markings.

With bright and cheerful characters, this puppy makes an excellent pet that will shower its owner with affection and love. Being of a happy and easy going nature, the French Bulldog, is sociable with non-canine pets and other dogs. This pet also requires, patient and firm handling to discourage negative behaviors and do best with older children who show proper leadership.

The French Bulldog prefers cleanliness but shows an innate dislike for water being unable to swim. Like their counterpart, these bulldogs also tend to snore, slobber and drool. This dog is also an enthusiastic mice hunter. Being sensitive to extreme weathers, they prefer indoor activities.

Special Note:

It is important to note that French Bulldogs need good care and can be pets with high maintenance. Vet visits can be more than average and care must be taken to ensure that this pet is not overfed.