Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

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This lovable dog breed is well sort after as a household pet and companion. The Golden Retriever named for its coat of rich creamy golden color can grow up to an average height of 22 – 24 inches (Males) or 20 – 22 inches (Females). Their average weight ranges from 60 – 80 pounds (Males) to 55 – 70 pounds (Females). The coat itself is long and dense, making it water resistant.

This robust puppy is a natural charmer with a love for competitions and water activities. They are one of the most easily trainable breeds that have a natural instinct to please its owner/pack leader. With great energy, the Golden Retriever loves to perform and do tricks. They also make excellent companions for children as they are gentle and patient around them.

This wonderful family dog, however, has very little guarding instincts and makes friends easily with

strangers and other dogs alike. They will also live happily in small homes as long as they are taken out for regular walks and other outdoor activities.

Special Note:

Golden Retrievers tend to gain weight easily, and must not be overfed. Due to its energetic nature, if daily exercise is not provided, the dog can develop hyperactivity. Regular Vet visits are also recommended as they can be vulnerable to skin allergies.