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Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier (also known as a Yorkie) is cute as all get out. Yorkies are known for having a sassy disposition, but they’re also very charming, and very loving. They love to cuddle, and they’re very affectionate when it comes to their owners. They forget their size, and tend to have an adventurous spirit, and somewhat of a fearless mindset.

  • Sensitive to extreme weather conditions
  • Treated like posh dogs, but they need daily activity
  • Very cautious and aware of their surroundings

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How long do Yorkies live?

A full grown Yorkie can live up to 13 to 16 years. There was one Yorkie who lived until the age of 28, and another till the age of 25. Of course, this isn’t common, but smaller dogs tend to have a longer lifespan than their bigger counterparts.

Are Yorkies hypoallergenic?

Yes, they’re considered hypoallergenic dogs. Please be aware that no dog is fully hypoallergenic. This is contingent upon the amount of hair a dog possesses, and how much dander can be embedded in it.

Do Yorkies shed?

A Yorkshire Terrier dog is known for being a light shedder. It doesn’t have fur like other pups, instead, it has hair. This helps when it comes to potential owners who are allergy sufferers. Please note that all dogs shed. Some breeds more than others.

How big do Yorkies get?

Yorkshire Terrier dogs don’t get very big. A standard size grows anywhere from 8 to 9 inches tall.

Are Yorkies good with kids?

Yes and no. When properly socialized, they are good with kids. They might snap or growl at a smaller kid because they become flustered, offended, and have a fear of being injured. Being of small stature, they are a delicate breed of dog, so older kids tend to interact with them better knowing how to handle them, as opposed to smaller children who have no insight about approaching such a little animal.

Are Yorkies smart?

They aren’t the smartest dog, but they’ve ranked #34 out of 138 breeds tested. They are considered to have above-average intelligence. They are one of the smartest amongst the smaller breed dogs.

Do Yorkies bark a lot?

The answer is yes. They’re very vocal and have a territorial bark. They’re also very alert, so this is another cause for barking. They will notify you of many things because oftentimes, they are on guard duty. Like any dog, that’s how they communicate, but a Yorkie, in particular, will do so when agitated or excited.

How much do Yorkies weigh?

Typically, a standard adult Yorkie weighs on average, 3 to 7 pounds, but it’s not uncommon for one to weigh anywhere from 8 to 9 pounds.

When do Yorkies stop growing?

Yorkies typically stop growing around 6 to 8 months. Their growth can slow down between months 9 to 10, and usually, they stop fully around year one.

What can Yorkies eat?

For starters, NO chocolate (a rule for all dogs), and no onions, avocados, raisins, gum, or grapes are a some things to avoid. When it comes to a Yorkshire Terrier, a balanced diet is key, and for starters, high-quality dog food is essential. They’re also allowed, within reason, to have proteins (such as chicken, peanut butter, and fish), carbohydrates (like sweet potatoes, brown rice), fruits (a few examples are apples, berries, and bananas), and vegetables (carrots, peas and green beans to name a few).

Are Yorkies aggressive?

They have potential to be overly aggressive. They’re both a territorial and fearless breed. It’s important to train Yorkshire Terriers properly and early to help alleviate any aggression. Their aggression can be towards other dogs and strangers, and can be met with biting or nipping. Some of the culprits that are causes for your Yorkie to be aggressive can be their social interactions where they might be scared or feel theatened, their food (uncertain they will ever eat again), and the environment. Children also can be an issue as stated previously. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to supervise these interactions because your pup has a tendency to react as a protective measure because of its small stature.


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