Havanese Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

The Havanese are small bundles of energy that loves to perform. These adorable dogs are popular in circuses and can provide great entertainment. Their average height can be taken as 8 – 11 inches (Males & Females) and their average weight ranges from 7 – 13 pounds (Males & Females).

These rugged little pups are often primped and well groomed as they have a double coat which is long and silky. However the coat can vary from curly to wavy to long and corded. In most instances, their long fur will even cover their faces entirely. The color of the coat can be any solid, parti or tri color.

The Havanese are also known for their bouncy energetic gait and study built. They are by nature, gentle and always curious to explore the environment and activity around them. These dogs make great companions for children and are sociable with other non-canine pets. Being good watch dogs, the Havanese will only become friends with a stranger if their owner welcomes them. They will do well in small homes as long as they receive regular exercise.

Special Note:

The Havanese are house pets and not meant to be put in kennels or left outdoors. They are also very voice sensitive and will react negatively for harsh disciplinary methods.