King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

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The King Charles Spaniel is also known by many as the “English Toy Spaniel”. This Spaniel’s average height can be taken as 10 inches (Males & Females) and the average weight as 9 – 12 pounds (Males & Females). Its coat is smooth and can mainly be seen in White with Black, Tan or Brown markings.

This small dog has a luxurious and long silky coat which can be either straight or wavy. The coat color can vary from White with Red markings, Ruby or mahogany Red, Black and Tan or White with Black and Tan markings.

The King Charles Spaniel is a naturally well behaved dog who is gentle and loving, with a playful personality. Once trained well, they make excellent companions to children. This breed is intelligent and will curb any impulse to be noisy to please its owner. They are also relaxed and easy going when treated well and will live happily in small homes provided they get daily exercise. The Spaniels also socialize well with other dogs. However, they are not guard dogs or even watch dogs.

Special Notes:

This little dog can over exert itself easily and be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. The King Charles Spaniel is very much an indoor pet.