Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are such sweet-natured dogs. They make great companions, and being working dogs, they also make good therapy and seeing-eyed dogs, and emotional support animals. They’re so cheerful with an upbeat and friendly disposition. They have kind souls and are very trusting and loyal to their families and loved ones.

  • An easily adaptable and friendly breed
  • Ranked #7 on the list of smartest dogs
  • Trainable, eager to please, and fast learners

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Do Labrador Retrievers shed?

Labrador Retrievers are considered to be heavy shedders who shed year-round. They particularly shed more so in the fall and spring months.

Are Labrador Retrievers hypoallergenic?

Because they shed a lot of hair and quite often, a Labrador Retriever isn’t considered a hypoallergenic dog.

How big do Labrador Retrievers get?

Labrador Retrievers can range in height anywhere from 21.5 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder.

How much do Labrador Retrievers weigh?

A Labrador Retriever can vary in weight when it comes to the sex of the dog. A male can weigh anywhere from 64 to 79 pounds, while a female can weigh somewhere between 55 to 71 pounds.

When do Labrador Retrievers stop growing?

Labrador Retrievers stop growing height-wise between six months and their first birthday, and they can fill out up until two years of age.

How long do Labrador Retrievers live?

The average Labrador Retriever lifespan can vary between the ages of 10 to 12 years of age.

Are Labrador Retrievers good dogs?

The Labrador Retriever breed is a good dog because it has a pleasant temperament with a gentle and loving disposition. These dogs make great companions, and they’re the ideal family dog.

Are Labrador Retrievers easy to train?

Labrador Retrievers are easy to train because they have high intelligence, and learn quickly.

Do Labrador retrievers bark a lot?

A Labrador Retriever isn’t known to be a big barker, and you might find a Labrador Retriever puppy barking more than an adult dog.

Do Labrador Retrievers get along with cats?

Typically, a Labrador Retriever can get along with a cat just fine if properly trained and socialized.

Can Labrador Retrievers live outside?

Labrador Retrievers can live outside, but this isn’t a good idea due to them being social creatures and wantong to be around people.

What size crate does a Labrador Retriever need?

For a fully-grown Labrador Retriever, a 36-inch, or 42-inch size crate would be sufficient.

Are Labrador Retrievers smart?

Labrador Retrievers are highly intelligent and place seventh place on the smartest dog breeds list.

How fast can a Labrador Retriever run?

When a Labrador Retriever is in great physical shape, it can run extremely fast. On average, it can run anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour, and up to 35 miles per hour.

What are the two types of Labrador Retrievers?

The two types of Labrador Retrievers that are in existence are the English Labrador and the American Labrador. The American Labrador has more of a slender and taller frame, whereas an English Labrador has more of a shorter and stockier build.

How often should I bathe my Labrador Retriever?

A Labrador Retriever should be bathed about once a month.

Is a Labrador Retriever a large breed?

Labrador Retrievers range between medium to large sizes.


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