Maltese Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

This adorable puppy can easily resemble a small cloud of silky fur, as it runs around you in spirited play. The Maltese can grow up to an average height of 8 – 10 inches (Males) or 8 – 9 inches (Females). Their average weight can range from 6 ½ – 9 pounds (Males & Females).

This puppy when well-trained will grow up to be a marvelous companion dog, with a high level of intelligence and devotedness. The Maltese are always on the watch with an inborn alertness to its surroundings. They socialize well with non-canine pets and other breeds.

Due to their high level of energy the Maltese loves the outdoors, where it can run and play and are known to even jump in puddles after a good rain. The also require exercise and daily walks keeping healthy and active throughout their adult life.

Special Notes:

Although the Maltese are natural show dogs, they should never be overly protected or pampered as this could lead to serious behavioral problems. They are also vulnerable to sunburn and sensitive to extreme weather conditions. They should be kept away from cold damp places. Being easy targets for teeth problems, Dog Biscuits will help keep their teeth clean and in good condition.