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The Pug is part of the AKC’s Toy group, and it’s considered to be a lot of dog for such a small frame. Sturdy and compact, These dogs are the clowns of the canine world due to their infectious sense of humor and love of attention. Pugs were originally bred to be lap dogs, and they are good at what they do. Their size makes them easy to snuggle yet capable of going on wild adventures as well.

This breed loves their people and doesn’t tolerate being left at home alone for hours on end. While their size makes them perfect for apartment living, a puppy can become anxious and destructive if left at home alone a lot. They make ideal house pets and enjoy spending time with their people in both urban and suburban settings.

Fun is the name of the game with a Pug puppy. When it’s not sleeping in your lap, it will be acting silly to get your attention. They are incredibly loyal and loving, perfect companions for people who live alone or for families with active children. While they enjoy romps in the park and walks around town, they do not require an excessive amount of physical exercise. They do love to ride in strollers, cars, and backpacks and are suited for most adventures. Most of these dogs do not love the water as they are not natural swimmers.

A Pug’s features are short, soft, double coats that are prone to shedding. Distinctive black faces can be found on both the solid black varieties and those mixed with tan. Their wrinkled faces are quite comical, yet they are quite a dignified breed. These pups are considered to be “velcro” dogs and will stick by your side through thick and thin.

These puppies get along quickly with other animals and love the attention of children of all ages. Not known to be big barkers, they are perfect for apartment life. Because of its flat face, it should be monitored in hot weather to avoid overheating and should always be considered an inside dog.

Some health issues with these puppies stem from its short muzzle. Breathing problems can plague these pups, from snoring to more detrimental health issues such as collapsed tracheas. These pups should always be walked on a harness that doesn’t put pressure around the neck and trachea for these purposes. A Pug’s eyes can also be injury-prone due to their location on the head. Keeping your puppy on a healthy diet can also help to avoid weight-related health problems.


  • Thick, sturdy bodies weighing typically around 20-25 pounds
  • Bred initially by Chinese who thought the forehead wrinkles resembled good luck signs
  • Sedentary until it’s time to play

CHARACTERISTICS CHART (1 lowest- 5 highest)

Apartment Living                 5

Tolerates Being Alone        1

Child Friendly                      5

Dog Friendly                       5

Grooming Needs                 2

Shedding                             5

Size                                     3

General Health                    4

Trainability                          3

Prey Drive                           1

Barking                                2

Exercise Needs                   3

Energy Level                       3

Playfulness                         5


Bringing home a happy and healthy Pug puppy is of utmost importance to ensure a positive experience. Central Park Puppies takes pride in providing clients with the highest quality of standards with our in-depth breeder background checks and expert veterinarian evaluations of all of our puppies. We are dedicated to working with clients in finding their perfect puppy match through our transparent services and specialist knowledge of breeds.