Pug Puppies for Sale | Central Park Puppies

The Pug is another popular small sized dog, whose carefree and lighthearted nature makes it an excellent companion. Puppies of this breed can grow up to an average height of 12 – 14 inches (Males) or 10 – 12 inches (Females). Their average weight can be 13 – 20 pounds (Males) or 13 – 18 pounds (Females). A Pug’s coat is short and silky smooth. The color of the coat can range from Black and Silver to Fawn or Apricot.

This puppy comes with a vibrant sprit that loves to play and be joyful. While this breed can live well in a small home, it still requires physical exercise and a training routine that provides a challenge for its mental balance. This breed shows sensitivity to changes in voice tones and would not respond well to harsh commands. Being very sociable, the Pug is well behaved with children and is amiable with non-canine pets.

Special Note:

This breed is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and could catch colds. They also snore and wheeze while sleeping. The Pug can become greedy and easily over eat which would result in health problems. Hence, it is best to provide the pet with small nutritious meals than big heavy ones.