Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu


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Initially bred as a hunting dog, the Shiba Ins is a fast little dog that loves to travel. Puppies from this breed can grow up to an average height of 14 – 16 inches (Males) or 13 – 15 inches (Females). Their average weight ranges from 18 – 25 pounds (Males) to 15 – 20 pounds (Females). The Shiba Ins has a double coat which is soft underneath and stiff on the outer. The overcoat colors can vary from Black with Tan markings to Red or Sesame with Red markings while the undercoat could be in Gray, Cream or Beige. The coat is also water proof and weather resistant.

With its hunting instincts, this puppy is alert, Being a naturally clean dog, it will also be easy to housebreak. This delightful puppy will get on well with children when trained well and socialize with the non-canine pets.

Special Notes:

This breed is very energetic and will do well with space to run and play around in. Will do well outdoors but should not be left alone as it dislikes being on its own and always prefer to stay close to the family. They also require daily exercise for both physical and mental fitness.