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The Poochon is an affectionate and loving, small-statured dog, who’s a sociable breed that enjoys the company of people, especially their owners. They like other animals, too. They’re highly intelligent, which makes them very trainable. They’re also very happy with a wonderful and cheerful spirit. They’re quite energetic, so they do love playtime.

  • Very intelligent, easy to train, and quick learners
  • Low-shedding breed, great for those with allergies
  • Easy-going disposition, making them ideal family pets

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What is a Poochon?

A Poochon, also known as a Bich Poo, Bichon Poo, or Bichon Poodle is a hybrid or designer dog that is a mix between a Toy or Miniature Poodle and a Bichon Frise.

Do Poochon dogs bark a lot?

Poochons have a tendency to bark a lot. This can be reduced with exercise, stimulation, games, walks, and playtime sessions. It’s essential to nip this behavior in the bud early on with proper socialization and training. If not, the barking will continue, especially when it comes to fearing new circumstances, when they’re fearful or when strangers approach, and lastly, when they’re dealing with separation anxiety.

Are Poochons good dogs?

The answer is yes, Bich Poo dogs are very sociable, and love being around people. They also do well with other dogs, so they’ll fit right in if you have more than one pet. They’re very affectionate, especially with their respective family. They can also be great with single people, especially if they’re active, which would be a perfect match for a Bich-poo.

Do Poochon dogs shed?

No, Poochon dogs don’t shed much and are considered to be a low-shedding breed. Because of their curly coats from both parental breeds, they do need a lot of attention to grooming to keep their coats from matting or tangling.

Are Poochons hypoallergenic?

Because of their half Poodle lineage, Bich Poo dogs don’t shed that much making them a hypoallergenic breed. Being considered a hypoallergenic dog comes in handy with allergy sufferers who aren’t allergic to the hair itself, but the dander that all dogs emit, just some more than others.

How big do Poochon dogs get?

Being the offspring of a Bichon Frise and either a Miniature or Toy Poodle, a Bich Poo full grown size will be on the smaller end. They will grow as tall as 9 to 15 inches.

How much should a Poochon weigh?

Poochons can weigh anywhere between 6 to 17 pounds.

What age is a Poochon full grown?

You can expect a full grown Bich Poo around 18 months old. You should take into account that your dog will fill out girth and muscle-wise a little later.

How long does a Poochon live?

The life expectancy of a Poochon dog ranges from 12 to 15 years old.

What size crate for a Poochon?

When it comes to buying a crate, you want one that will not only fit your Poochon dog but one where they’ll feel comfortable to be in. This will be what’s considered their safe space, so choose wisely. As far as what size to get, a small or extra small one that measures around 24 inches is perfect.

Are Poochons easy to train?

Poochon puppies, or Poochons in general, are very intelligent, and since they’re eager to please their owners and are quick learners, this makes them fairly easy to train.

How much to feed a Poochon puppy?

A Poochon puppy needs to have high-quality dry dog food two times a day, both in the morning and in the evening. They need anywhere from half a cup to one cup of food total each day.


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