Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

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The Siberian Husky is a remarkable dog whose most recognizable feature is its feet that is capable of gripping ice and keeping warm in the coldest climates. These feet are also nicknamed as “snow shoes” and it is no wonder that this breed is most popular as sled dogs.

They can grow up to an average height of 21 – 23½ inches (Males) or 20 – 22 inches (Females) and the average weight can range from 45 – 60 pounds (Males) to 35 – 50 pounds (Females). These Huskies are born with a very thick double coat with wool like texture that would keep them warm in low temperatures. The colors of the overcoat can be any solid color, while the undercoat can have a mixture of color patterns including piebald.

While being great working dogs, the Siberian Huskies show traits of intelligence, high levels of energy and a gentle and playful behavior. This breed requires a lot of physical and mental exercise. They would not make good watch dogs as they are friendly by nature. These puppies make great companions for children.

Special Note:

As a breed that was bred to work in packs and travel distances, the Siberian Huskies will require a lot of outdoor space with large homes. They also need to be in packs and has the natural urge to roam. These dogs will not do well in hot climates.