Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu dogs are so cute. They’re also an outgoing and happy-temperament breed. They make great family pets, and they’re the best companions, especially for the elderly. They’re so affectionate and lovable, and they’re the perfect lapdog. They’re the quintessential house dog who’s always perky and enthusiastic, and one who loves people.

  • Perfect breed for apartments and small living quarters
  • A great dog for seniors and those needing companionship
  • Gets along with other animals, including other dogs

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How to pronounce Shih Tzu?

Some various pronunciations of the Shih Tzu dog are “Sheet-su”, “She-dzoo”, and “Sheed-zoo”.

Does a Shih Tzu shed?

Shih Tzu dogs are considered to be light-shedders. When they do shed, it’s minimal, except for when they shed their winter and summer coats. In the spring, they shed to have a lighter coat in the summer, and when they shed in the fall, it’s preparing them to grow a thicker coat to keep warm in the winter.

Are Shih Tzu dogs hypoallergenic?

It’s a toss-up. Many have said that a Shih Tzu is considered to be a hypoallergenic dog because of their minimal shedding. Another thought process is because they have a double coat, those follicles will fall out, and if their coat stays long, the undercoat hairs will intertwine with the outercoat causing their hair to get matted and tangled. If you trim the coat, making the outer one obsolete, then the undercoat will shed.

Does Shih Tzu have hair or fur?

The Shih Tzu is similar to humans in that they have hair. This is exhibited in their longer and thinner strands of hair. Hair, as opposed to fur, takes longer to fall out and die, and another reason why they don’t shed as much as other dogs.

How long can a Shih Tzu live?

The Shih Tzu lifespan ranges somewhere between the ages of 10 and 16 years of age.

How big does a Shih Tzu get?

A Shih Tzu can range in height anywhere from 8 to 11 inches (at the shoulder).

How much does a Shih Tzu weigh?

A Shih Tzu dog can weigh anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds.

When is a Shih Tzu full grown?

Shih Tzu dogs are toy dog breeds, and because of that, they’re quicker to mature into adults compared to other dogs. This, in turn, will have them reaching their adult size around 10 months of age.

Are Shih Tzu smart?

Although they ranked 128 out of 138 dog breeds in terms of the list of smartest dogs, the Shih Tzu is still considered to be an intelligent dog. They do, however, possess a stubborn streak. This can impede the training process because while they’ll heed your commands, yet if they don’t want to adhere to any of them, they won’t budge.

How to clean Shih Tzu eyes?

The area around your Shih Tzu dog’s eyes is very delicate, so proceed with caution, and be sure to do so with care. It’s best to use a wet cotton ball with warm water, a tissue, or a warm and soft washcloth to wipe away gently any tear residue around and along the top of the eyes, and in the inner and outer corners.

Can a Shih Tzu swim?

Shih Tzu dogs love the water and have the ability to swim, but they can’t, however, swim for long periods or distances because they lack the stamina to do so. They have a small neck and muzzle, making this a difficult feat in terms of breathing and keeping their heads above water.

How much should a Shih Tzu eat?

This is contingent upon their age, weight, activity level, and a slew of other factors, but on average, a Shih Tzu puppy should consume ½ to one cup a day, while an adult Shih Tzu should have one to 1½ cups a day.

Why does my Shih Tzu shake?

Shaking for a Shih Tzu can happen for various reasons. The most common one is because they’re cold. They can also be in pain, excited, stressed, anxious, scared, injured, of old age, or they’re having an allergic reaction. They can also be suffering from what’s known as shaker syndrome. This is where the dog starts shaking uncontrollably. Other factors include illnesses such as renal disease, inflammatory brain disease, hypoglycemia, and Addison’s disease.


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