Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

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The Yorkshire Terrier is an energetic little dog that refuses to let its size become a barrier in seeking out adventure. This Terrier’s average height is 6 – 7 inches (Males & Females) and the average weight is 7 pounds (Males & Females). The coat is silky smooth and long while its color can be either Tan or Steel Blue.

The puppies of this breed require firm and patient training from the start and needs to be shown firmly that the owner is always the leader. Once well trained, the Yorkshire Terrier will become a great companion who is clever, playful and always ready for fun. However, it is only recommended for older caring children as it could be easily hurt due to its small size.

With a natural alertness to its surroundings, this pet will also make a very good watchdog. With enough regular exercise, this puppy will do well in small households, and should be kept indoors as its adventurous spirit might make it roam.

Special Note:

Food prepared for the Yorkshire Terrier should be done carefully as it is vulnerable to digestive and dental problems. It is always good to give the pet dry biscuits to clean its teeth and keep them healthy. This breed is also sensitive to low temperatures and prefer warmer climates.