A Chorkie is a silly and spunky dog who’s a big ball of fun to have around. He has a sweet and cheerful disposition but he can also be a little sassy at times. He’s a wonderful companion dog who's very loyal and loving, and always eager to be in his family’s presence.

  • An excellent watchdog who notifies his owners of any activity
  • Makes a good companion with a sweet and friendly demeanor
  • Compact size and easy for carrying, traveling, and transporting

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What is a Chorkie?

A Chorkie, also known as a Yorkiechi, is a designer dog who’s a mixture of a Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier, and who’s now become an F1 dog. An F1 dog is when two purebred dogs mate and their offspring are now first-generation or F1 generation of said mixture.

How long do Chorkies live?

The Chorkie lifespan can range anywhere from 12–15 years of age.

Do Chorkies shed?

The Chorkie breed is considered to be a low-shedding group of dogs, but if they take after their Chihuahua side, they’re apt to shed a little more than taking after their Yorkie side.

Are Chorkies hypoallergenic?

Yes, Chorkies qualify as hypoallergenic dogs because of being low-shedding dogs. They are also a good pick for those individuals who suffer from dander-related allergies.

How big do Chorkies get?

A Chorkie dog can grow anywhere from 6 to 9 inches tall in height.

How much do Chorkies weigh?

The Chorkie weight scale can range anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds. Because of their small stature, they are classified as a Toy or Teacup Chorkie.

When do Chorkies stop growing?

A Chorkie stops growing around their first birthday (12 months of age), where they will fill out both height and weight-wise.

Are Chorkies good dogs?

Chorkie dogs are very loving and loyal and make great family pets, but they don’t do well with those who have small children. They can snap if a young child interacts with them in a wrong manner by unknowingly hurting them.

Are Chorkies smart?

Chorkies are intelligent dogs who stem from two breeds, the Chihuahua, which ranks at #67, along with a Yorkie, which ranks at #27 on the list of the smartest dogs.

Do Chorkies bark a lot?

A Chorkie dog can bark a lot. This is due to him having a protective nature and alerting his owners of any ongoings or strangers approaching, making him a very good watchdog.

Are Chorkies aggressive?

Chorkie dogs can become aggressive when they’re around younger children. They may respond with some aggression if they feel they aren’t being treated or handled properly.

How much exercise does a Chorkie need?

A Chorkie does well with anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise.

Are Chorkies good with other dogs?

Chorkies can do fine with other dogs, especially those who they were raised with, and in the same household, but they also like being the sole dog of a home.

Do Chorkies get along with cats?

A Chorkie dog does well with cats who they live with, but oftentimes, they will just ignore them.

Are Chorkies easy to train?

Chorkies come from two parental breeds who possess stubborn streaks, therefore this can make training a little, or sometimes, very difficult.

Are Chorkies hard to potty train?

Similar to overall training, potty training a Chorkie isn’t easy. It can take a lot of time and be a hard task to take on, but it’s best to start them early and use positive reinforcement.

Do Chorkies bite?

Although it’s not meant to be aggressive, Chorkie puppies have a tendency to want to herd people, along with playfully biting, chewing, and nipping here and there.

Do Chorkie dogs drool?

Unlike certain breed types, Chorkies have a low tendency to drool.


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