Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

Fun-loving, outgoing and playful, the Min Pin is a regal-looking toy dog breed that’s not only clever but has a curious nature. He’s feisty and full of energy and needs constant activity. He has a low-shedding coat and requires little grooming. He’s easy to care for and the perfect size for small living quarters.

  • The ideal size for apartments and small spaces
  • Highly intelligent, easy to train, and learns quickly
  • A low-shedding and low-maintenance breed

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What’s a Min Pin dog?

The Min Pin is a small breed dog also known as a Miniature Pinscher, Zwergpinscher, and “King of the Toys” that originated from Germany.

How long do Min Pins live?

The Min Pin lifespan ranges from 12 to 16 years of age.

Do Min Pins shed?

The Min Pin dog is considered to be a low-shedding dog.

Are Min Pins hypoallergenic?

Min Pins don’t qualify as hypoallergenic dogs because they shed, and although they’re low-shedding, they still produce dander, making it an issue for those with allergies.

How big do Min Pins get?

Min Pin dogs differ slightly when it comes to the height between the genders. A male can grow as tall as 10 to 12 inches, while a female can grow slightly shorter at 10 to 11 inches.

How much do Min Pins weigh?

A Miniature Pinscher can differ in weight between the genders. A male can weigh somewhere between 8.8. to 11 pounds, while a female can weigh between 7.7 to 11 pounds.

When is a Min Pin full grown?

A Min Pin dog is fully grown just short of its first birthday at around 10 to 11 months of age.

Are Min Pins aggressive?

Miniature Pinscher dogs aren’t an aggressive breed but they can show aggression or become dominant towards other dogs.

Are Min Pins smart?

A Min Pin is an intelligent dog. It ranks #37 on the list of the smartest dogs.

Are Min Pins easy to train?

Min Pins are easy to train. Because of their intelligence, they pick up things easily, respond well, and learn quickly.

Do Min Pins bark a lot?

Miniature Pinscher dogs are heavy barkers. Some dogs will bark at almost anything. They will bark to alert of you anyone approaching, or when they meet new people.

How long can a Min Pin be left alone?

A Miniature Pinscher is prone to separation anxiety, and because of this, he can’t be left alone any longer than 4 to 6 hours at a time.

Are Min Pins protective?

A Min Pin Dog makes a great watchdog because he’s very protective of his family. He also possesses a loud bark, and he will alert you of a passerby, noise, and will warn you of any potential danger.

Are Min Pins good family dogs?

A Miniature Pinscher dog is a good family dog who’s very friendly and affectionate. if he’s properly socialized from puppyhood, he gets along with people, children, and other pets.

How much should a Min Pin eat per day?

Min Pin dogs should eat twice a day, and consume anywhere from ½ a cup to 1 cup of high-quality dry kibble dog food. It’s always best to consult a veterinarian for an individualized meal plan for your dog.

How much to feed a Min Pin puppy?

A Miniature Pinscher puppy should be fed three or four times a day. For every pound of weight, they should be fed one equivalent ounce of high-quality dry food. You should consult your veterinarian as to what is the best diet for your Min Pin Puppy.


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