Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a little toy dog that has stick-up ears and an adorable face. His spunky and outgoing personality is larger than life. He’s so fearless that he forgets his size. He’s very energetic but yet he possesses a graceful air about himself. He’s also very loving and affectionate.

  • Compact size for small living spaces and easy to travel with
  • A good watchdog who’s alert and aware of his surroundings
  • Has an empathetic nature and makes a wonderful companion

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How long does a Toy Fox Terrier live?

The lifespan of a toy fox terrier ranges from 13 to 14 years of age.

How big does a Toy Fox Terrier get?

The height of a Toy Fox Terrier varies between 8.5 to 11.5 inches.

What is the weight of a Toy Fox Terrier?

The Toy Fox Terrier weight ranges anywhere from 3.5 to 7 pounds.

When do Toy Fox Terriers stop growing?

A fully grown Toy Fox Terrier size is between 6 to 8 months old and will continue filling out body-wise until his first birthday.

Does a Toy Fox Terrier shed?

A Toy Fox Terrier is considered to be a moderate shedder who sheds short hair year-round.

Are Toy Fox Terriers hypoallergenic?

A Toy Fox Terrier doesn’t qualify as a hypoallergenic dog due to its double coat that releases dander, and in turn, is a bad breed for people who have allergies.

Are Toy Fox Terriers smart?

Toy Fox Terrier dogs are smart, and because of their intelligence, they follow commands and are easy to train.

Are Toy Fox Terriers aggressive?

In general, the Toy Fox Terrier isn’t an aggressive dog. If it shows any type of aggression, it can sometimes be towards larger dogs because it’s unaware of its size in comparison to bigger breeds.

Do Toy Fox Terriers bark a lot?

Compared to other toy dog breeds, the Toy Fox Terrier doesn’t bark as much, but overall, he’s a barker. He barks to alert you of a person approaching or sight or sound, and because of his alertness, he makes an excellent watchdog.

Are Toy Fox Terriers hard to potty train?

Because of having high intelligence, yes, Toy Fox Terrier dogs are easy to potty train. This includes using a potty pad or going outside.

Are Toy Fox Terriers good family dogs?

A Toy Fox Terrier is a good family dog because it’s a playful and friendly companion who gets along with other pets and children, preferably older kids. After all, they’re able to handle a smaller dog better than little ones.

Can Toy Fox Terriers be left alone?

No, Toy Fox Terrier dogs can’t be left alone for long periods. If not, they’ll suffer from separation anxiety which can exhibit possible destructive behaviors.

How much should I feed my Toy Fox Terrier?

A Toy Fox Terrier should be eating high-quality dry kibble dog food twice a day. It should consume anywhere from ¼ cup to ½ a cup per day. Toy Fox Terrier puppies should be eating three times a day, and consuming 0.3 cups per day.

Are Toy Fox Terriers born with short tails?

No, Toy Fox Terrier dogs are born with full-size tails that are docked and carried upright.

Why do Toy Fox Terriers shake?

A Toy Fox Terrier will shake when it’s excited, cold, or anxious. Other factors could be illness, pain, or nausea.

Can Toy Fox Terriers swim?

A Toy Fox Terrier can learn to swim. Depending on the dog, he or she may or may not enjoy the water.


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