American Eskimo

American Eskimo

An American Eskimo dog is a well-behaved and devoted family pet and companion who’s eager to please his loved ones. He’s always on alert, so he makes a great watchdog. He’s very accepting and caring with a happy-go-lucky disposition. He loves attention and enjoys people, but can be reserved around strangers.

  • Friendly and outgoing, and enjoys being around humans
  • Very aware of their surroundings, makings a good watchdog
  • Communicative and vocal about their needs with their owners

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Where do American Eskimo dogs come from?

Despite the name, American Eskimo dogs (nicknamed Eskies) originated from Germany, not America, where they eventually appeared in the 19th century. They are descendants of the German Spitz dog.

How long do American Eskimo dogs live?

The lifespan of American Eskimo ranges from 13 to 15 years of age.

Do American Eskimo dogs shed?

An American Eskimo dog is known as a heavy shedder. They shed a lot, and throughout the majority of the year.

Are American Eskimo dogs hypoallergenic?

Because they shed so heavily, American Eskimo dogs don’t qualify to be hypoallergenic dogs. This isn’t a good breed for those who suffer from allergies.

How big do American Eskimo dogs get?

An American Eskimo can range between 15 to 19 inches tall at the shoulder.

How much do American Eskimo dogs weigh?

An American Eskimo dog can weigh in a wide spectrum of weights ranging from 18 pounds up to 35 pounds.

Are American Eskimo dogs aggressive?

Not known to be an aggressive breed, but if an American Eskimo were to exhibit any type of aggression, it would most likely be due to not being able to exert excess energy.

Are American Eskimo dogs easy to train?

Yes, American Eskimo dogs are easy to train. This is because of their intelligence, and that they’re good with obedience.

Do American Eskimo dogs bark a lot?

An American Eskimo is a very vocal dog who’s prone to barking excessively. They tend to bark when they see and hear things, and when they sense an intruder approaching their home.

Are American Eskimo dogs good family dogs?

Yes, American Eskimos make great family pets. They’re good dogs because of their friendly and gentle nature and how they do well with children.

Are American Eskimo dogs smart?

The American Eskimo is considered by many sources to be a smart dog, but when it comes to ranking amongst other dogs, it scores below average.

Are American Eskimo dogs good for apartments?

American Eskimo dogs do well in an apartment only if they’re exercised daily.

Do American Eskimo dogs get along with other dogs?

Overall, American Eskimos get along with other dogs when they’re properly introduced and when they’re raised with them, but sometimes jealously may present itself if the other dog is getting more attention.

Are American Eskimo dogs good with cats?

Like other dogs, the American Eskimo dog gets along with cats. He enjoys chasing after cats and treats them like prey, so you should be aware of this behavior.

How much food should an American Eskimo eat?

An American Eskimo puppy should be eating three meals a day of 3 to 4 cups of food divided into each mealtime. An adult American Eskimo should be eating twice a day and consuming anywhere from ½ to 1 ½ cups of food per day.

Can American Eskimo dogs swim?

On average, most American Eskimo dogs know how to swim, and many enjoy doing so.

Can American Eskimo dogs live in hot weather?

American Eskimos can handle both cold and warm conditions, but it’s best to avoid extreme climates. When it comes to the heat, you should monitor your dog because they can become overheated, so it’s best to keep them hydrated and place them in shaded areas during very hot temperature periods.


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