A Dalmatian dog has a sweet nature, along with his affectionate and loving disposition, he’s also very intelligent. He’s both sensitive and eager to please. He’s very alert and protective, making him a good watchdog. He’s a little silly and clever with an extroverted side. You can’t forget his energetic and athletic streaks.

  • Ideal pet for energetic and active people or families
  • Adaptable nature and eager to please their owners
  • Protective and alert, and makes a good watchdog

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Do Dalmatian dogs shed?

A Dalmatian dog is known to be a heavy shedder who sheds a lot.

How big is a Dalmatian?

A Dalmatian can weigh anywhere from 45 to 60 pounds and can be as tall as somewhere between 19 to 23 inches in height (at the shoulder).

When does a Dalmatian stop growing?

On average, Dalmatian puppies reach their adult size around 16 months of age.

How long do Dalmatian dogs live?

The Dalmatian lifespan ranges from 10 to 13 years of age.

Is a Dalmatian a good family dog?

Typically, Dalmatian dogs are good family dogs because they’re friendly, loyal, and good with children.

Are Dalmatian good guard dogs?

A Dalmatian makes a wonderful guard dog because of their protective nature.

How much exercise does a Dalmatian need?

Being energetic and active, a Dalmatian dog needs at least one to two hours of daily exercise.

Are all Dalmatian dogs deaf?

Some Dalmatian dogs have varying degrees of deafness which include 30% with some deafness, 22% unilaterally deaf, and 8% bilaterally deaf.

How many spots on a Dalmatian?

A Dalmatian can have anywhere between 50 to 250 spots. No two dogs are alike, so each dog will have a varying amount of spots.

How much should I feed my Dalmatian puppy?

Dalmatian puppies who are between 8 to 12 weeks old should consume four meals a day, and 3 to 6 months should be having three meals per day, and two meals for 6 months to one-year-olds.

Are Dalmatian dogs aggressive?

Although they’re known to be very friendly, some Dalmatian dogs can be aggressive. Their aggression can occur towards other dogs, if they’re left alone for a long time, usually a symptom of separation anxiety, in addition, to being ignored.

Are Dalmatian dogs smart?

The Dalmatian is considered to have above-average intelligence. It ranks #62 on the list of smartest dog breeds.

Do Dalmatian dogs bark?

A Dalmatian dog doesn’t bark that much but will bark on occasion. When they do bark, they bark to communicate with their owners, to alert their family of any dangers, or when they’re experiencing anxiety.

Can a Dalmatian live in an apartment?

It wouldn’t be an ideal situation for a Dalmatian to live in an apartment setting because this dog is very active and needs a lot of exercise. They’d need to be taken for daily walks and runs to burn off their excess energy. If not, this could lead to the destruction of your home, or things within your home. The other factor is its size, and how much this pup takes up space.

What size crate for Dalmatian?

A Dalmatian dog would fit nicely into a 42-inch size crate.

Can a Dalmatian be a service dog?

If trained properly, and depending on the dog’s individual temperament, a Dalmatian can make a wonderful service dog.

How fast can a Dalmatian run?

A Dalmatian dog is very fast when it comes to running. It can run up to 37 miles per hour.


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