Shar Pei

Shar Pei

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The Chinese Shar Pei is easily distinguishable from other dog breeds. With their short fur and excess wrinkles, they are sure to catch the eye of everyone around. Initially bred for hunting and fighting in historical China, Shar Peis are now commonly found throughout modern households and can make excellent pets.

These dogs are a medium size breed, standing at around 20 inches and weighing between 45-60 pounds. They have abundant wrinkles, sunken eyes, broad muzzles, and are also known to be very intelligent. Shar Peis tend to be extremely loyal dogs with a drive to protect their owners.

While typically very easy going, they may become timid or suspicious of strangers. Because of this, it is imperative to properly socialize your pup when it’s young to help manage its anxiety later. Shar Peis can make good family dogs; however, they are best suited in calmer, more relaxed environments.

Overall, they are easy to take care of with minimal shedding and moderate energy levels, these dogs can adapt very well to apartment living. Because of their short coat, grooming can be done less frequently than other dog breeds. They may need their ears to be cleaned weekly, and their nails trimmed regularly.

Shar Peis enjoys walks and playing with other dogs that they know. These pups can be suspicious of new dogs, so knowing your dog’s particular personality is key to successfully blending the pack.

When it comes to health, this breed can have tendencies to develop problems with their eyes and respiratory system, so it is crucial to have them regularly checked by the vet. These puppies need a little more training when young than the average dog; however, this training will significantly pay off in the long run.

Capable of being a loyal companion to someone who lives alone or being part of a family with children, Shar Peis can make loving and fun additions to any family.


  • Full grown at 18-20 inches high and can weigh up to 60 pounds.
  • Very loyal dogs
  • Prone to eye problems.

CHARACTERISTICS CHART (1 lowest- 5 highest)

Apartment Living 4

Tolerates Being Alone 4

Child Friendly 2

Dog Friendly 1

Grooming Needs 1

Shedding 2

Size 3

General Health 4

Trainability 4

Prey Drive 3

Barking 5

Exercise Needs 2

Energy Level 3

Playfulness 3


Bringing home a happy and healthy Shar Pei puppy is of utmost importance to ensure a positive experience. Central Park Puppies takes pride in providing clients with the highest quality of standards with our in-depth breeder background checks and expert veterinarian evaluations of all of our puppies. We are dedicated to working with clients in finding their perfect puppy match through our transparent services and specialist knowledge of breeds.